Campaign Tips

If your campaign is suffering from a low CTR (click through rate), please consider the following options. There are 3 main factors that determine the success of your ad campaign all of which falls into the hands of the advertiser, not the publisher.

Banner Design

Let's face it, if your banner doesn't look professional nobody is going to take your business seriously. We've seen some pretty rough banner designs and often times the blame for lack of clicks is directed towards the publisher, when the banner looks like it was designed in MS Paint by a toddler.

  • Use contrasting colors that stand out but aren't overly annoying.
  • Avoid full banner flashing/flickering.
  • Logos and text should have smooth edges, not choppy lines.
  • If you're not good with graphic design, consider hiring a professional. The price of a professional banner design is often cheaper than one small ad campaign.

Ad Placement

Most of the time, cheaper is not better. That ad slot at the bottom of a site may be quite a bit cheaper, but how often do you scroll to the very bottom of a site? The location of your ad plays a huge factor in how many clicks you can expect to receive.

Ads at the top of a site or mixed into primary content will often have much higher success than those at the bottom of a page.

Website Niche

If you're trying to promote your web hosting business, how much success do you think you'll have placing banner ads on "Bertha's Knitting Blog"? The niche of the site tells you what type of visitors it will receive. Try to choose sites with a targeted audience that's related to the product or service you're trying to sell.