Marketing Options

We provide several options for your advertising campign, each of which has their respective pros and cons which are listed below. Purchase links for a specific ad campaign can be found on our Online Properties page.

The CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) Advantage

There are two schools of thought on how banner ads should be sold. Those that use static monthly placements and those that sell based on the number of impressions (individual views) of each banner. These generally rotate your ad between those of other advertisers.

The problem with static placement is that the advertiser relies on the honestly of the publisher to provide accurate traffic information. There are no guarantees as to the exact number of impressions you can expect to receive. A dishonest publisher, site downtime, or a loss in traffic for any reason means that you as the advertiser are the one that takes the loss.

When you sell based on impressions, none of the above factors effects your campaign. Your impressions are guaranteed and there are no outside factors that can change it. Traffic statistics don't matter, a sudden drop in traffic just means that your campaign will last longer.

The other major advantage is the fact that your ads are spread out between other advertisers. If you buy a 20,000 impression campaign instead of an expected 20,000 impression static placement, you'll gain more exposure and have your ad seen by more unique visitors. A vistor that views 10 pages may only see your banner 3 times which saves the rest for other visitors, rather than the 10 pageviews that would be wasted out of your expected total with a static placement.

Our campaigns are sold in various sizes. The smaller ones will often last one month or less, with the larger options lasting for several months.

Most of our CPM placements are full banner ads. (ex: 468x60, 728x90)

Static Placements

Some advertisers still prefer to purchase static placements. This means that you have a guaranteed spot on the site and no other ads will rotate with yours. The main advantage to this method is for general branding purposes. Repetative viewing of your company's logo or ad can help embed your identity in the viewer's mind for potential future business.

Most of our static placements are generally smaller ads. (ex: 125x125)

Pricing Options

Pricing varies from one site to another. Updated pricing information can be found on our Online Properties page. If you have any questions about these options, please do not hesitate to contact us.